Our club’s Preferred Partner Program was introduced at our March 12 , 2018 meeting and was put in place to formally recognize those vendors and providers who offer extraordinary service, products, and values to our members. The list of our Preferred Partners has grown to five and a recap of them follows. You are encouraged to patronize these partners.


Cottonwood PaloVerde H O A 

CWPV I T Manager provided us internet service to our Phoenix Room back in December, 2019 which permitted our move from Oakwood to take place in January. The HOA  provides meeting rooms to us at no charge for our meetings, In addition they permit our use of the HOA projector also at no charge which enables us to offer meaningful on line education sessions. The no charge features are what permit us to be a dues free organization.


The Apple Computer Store at the Chandler Fashion Center

Store management has been instrumental in encouraging us to take advantage of the educational opportunities offered by the professionals in the store. We have held nine classes in the store and more will be scheduled when health safety restrictions ease. They tailor classes to our specific needs . We will continue to use these classes to supplement our monthly meeting agendas.



A San Luis Obispo, California privately held business that is dedicated to the philosophy that everything is fixable and they will supply the manuals(free) and instructions and in many cases the tools and repair parts to do the job. They have now compiled over 40,000 free repair manuals, provided over 127,000 solutions to problems , all covering over 11,000 devices.  Co-owner , Kyle Wiens, has donated two ProTec Tool kits and four 64 Bit Driver Kits - all used in the repair of electronic equipment - to our club.

Over $295 in value, I have them in my possession and they are available on loan from me at no charge anytime you want.

Visit website www.ifixit.com and discover all about the company including the free repair processes for most every product in your home or garage .Take a look at Repair Guide-Create a Guide and learn how you can contribute to the library of solutions. Call Gary Bross 480 433 5659 . 



   Phone 480-207-1150 , Located at 4015 S. Arizona Avenue in the Home Depot Complex but in the N W corner or the parking lot. They buy, sell, trade, repair, and refurbish iPhones, iPads, Macs, and all Apple Products. You can purchase refurbished Apple computers and all Apple products at significant savings. Trade-ins are welcome. Purchased devices come with a 12 month warranty and all service repair  work has a 3 month warranty.

   Tell the technician you are from the Sun Lakes Apple Computer Club and enjoy a 10 % discount on all products and services. The technicians are especially helpful and generous at troubleshooting problems. 

   Experimax has sponsored our club in the past and owner Syed Fraz agreed to help in our member education program.

   Search the website  experimax.com or stop in the store  and explore in detail and discover their repair and upgrade abilities, refurbished pre-owned devices for sale, and trading opportunities for you.


New Adventures in Learning - Chandler Gilbert Community College - NAIL at CGCC

Our best local educational resource is located in our community on the NE corner of Alma School and Riggs Road . The NAIL program is tailored to the needs of our community providing interesting and educational opportunities at a reasonable cost. Check out the website at www.NewAdventures.info or phone 480-857-5500

Greater Sun Lakes Community Foundation

Formerly known as the Cottonwood Palo Verde Foundation, this charitable organization granted our club $745 in January of 2020.  The primary purpose of this grant was to enable the club to continue to offer our educational programs at no cost to our members. The mission of the foundation is to enhance the quality of life for our older population in the ares of health, education, and culture.