Zoom Roundtable Invitation

Greetings to our Apple club Members

We have been unable to hold classes since March, 2020 but recently we have been learning the Zoom Meeting process. We are far, far from experts but are willing to conduct a small Zoom Meeting along the lines of the One on One Question and Answer program available on line (formerly every Friday morning). It would be a type of roundtable problem solving discussion open to about 7 or 8 of our members. Subsequent meetings may permit more member involvement.

If you have a problem you want help with, email us at gfbross@icloud.com stating what Apple device you are working with and as much detail of the problem as possible. This will help us because research is most likely necessary by us to help provide a solution in the meeting. We don’t want to bog everybody down. Please do this by Friday, February 13.

Shortly thereafter we will schedule the Zoom Roundtable class and you”ll receive an invitation. In your email tell us how proficient you are with Zoom. It may be that we will need to schedule a class on Zoom first. If you haven’t familiarized your self with Zoom yet, you should. Download the free app and watch a few of the YouTube videos to learn the basics.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Gary B

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