Web Meetings

There is an upcoming meeting next week that will be conducted on line. Due to limitations with in-person meetings, this is the only way we can do this for a while so hopefully this first meeting will go well. Many have asked how this works and how can you join in. For the hosting services like WebEX, Zoom, or GoToMeeting, it costs money to have meetings with more participants or meetings that last longer, so when we have an outside group like the Robson library that is willing to do this, we will need to use their service.

Basically, the way you join in depends on your choice of device. IOS devices (iPhone or iPad) will require that you first download the app from the App Store. Simply search for WebEx, Zoom, or GoToMeeting to find the appropriate app. For Macs, there are no apps and instead you open the web site for that service WebEx.com, Zoom.us, or gotomeeting.com. Once you have the app or page open you will want to join a meeting. Prior to the meeting you will receive the details for the meeting and you will enter that to join the meeting.

To join a meeting set up by someone else you don't typically need to have an account with that service. If you want to start your own on line meeting you will need to set up an account. Most services allow small personal meetings for free so you may want to do that for family or friends.

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