Upcoming Photo Classes

Upcoming Classes We developed the following schedule of classes for your consideration. Please take careful note of when  and where each is held as three locations are involved. Register for your selections on the website   sunlakesappleclub.com   under the Events heading, click on the Details of the Event to see more info, and then on Register Now.  M Sept.16  Video Editing Workshop with Mike Canterbury. CW Phoenix Room. 1:30 PM F Sept.20 iPhone Camera Basics Class with Nancy Thoma. CW Mens Card Room. 10:00 AM F Sept.27 iPhone Camera Workshop on photo organization and sharing with Mike Canterbury and Gary Tougas. CW Mens Card Room. 10:00 AM M Sept.30 Product Skills: iPhone and iPad Part 1. Basics of navigation, system preferences, and more. Apple Store at Chandler Fashion Center. 9:00 AM M Oct.14 Music Class with Gary Tougas. Learn about the many music streaming options on your iPhone. CW Phoenix Room. 1:30 PM M Oct.21 Music Workshop with Gary Tougas. Complete the class by getting your questions and any problems you encountered resolved. CW Phoenix Room. 10:00 AM M Oct.28 Product Skills: iPhone and iPad Part 2. Explore built-in apps, learn Calendar, Notes, shortcuts and more. Apple Store at the Chandler Fashion Center. 9:00 AM  M Nov.11 iPhone Holiday Photo Project Class with Nancy Thoma. Have some fun prepping a Holiday Newsletter or Christmas photo(s). CW Phoenix Room. 1:30 PM M Nov.18 iPhone Holiday Project Workshop. Complete your Holiday Project getting your questions and problems resolved. CW Phoenix Room. 1:30 PM In addition, one-on-one question and answer sessions continue to be held Friday mornings ( except Sept 20 and 27 ) in CW Mens Card Room. Again, register for any of the above via the website sunlakesappleclub.com  Let us know of other classes of interest to you. Thank you ! Gary B

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