The Scammers Keep on coming and are getting better at stealing your money

I saw this article in USA Today and even though I have posted several similar articles in the past, this seemed worthy of another. I have several friends who have fallen victim to scams like this and the scammers really target those in our age group. Perhaps the best thing to remember is never, ever, call a number that shows up on the screen in a popup, or in an email, or any place you can't validate, like an unsolicited phone call to you. If you don't have someone to call to help you sort through things like this and feel you must call, get a number from a known source. If the scammers say they are from Apple (they are not as Apple will never call you like this) then look up the number for Apple on your own. If it claims to be a credit card issue then find your card and call the number on the card, not the scammers number on the screen. Scammers are most successful when they put you in a state of panic and force a quick decision. Always step back before paying someone you don't know, and never buy gift cards or get money orders for strangers; that is never legitimate.

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