S L Apple Club needs your help- Again - with an incentive now ( please read blog for details )

Now we need to determine how many of our Members/Subscribers are receiving our Blog Postings. Because you have received this Blog Posting, please send a confirming email to Gary Bross at gfbross@icloud.com by Friday December 31, 2021. Just click on my email address above, select “compose email”, enter “confirmed” in the subject field, and click on the send icon.

We will be drawing two names from the list of responders, each to receive a $30 prepaid Visa Gift Card for your efforts. I will publish the names of the winners along with the test results on a subsequent blog posting.

The previous test of email effectiveness indicated that of 233 Emails Delivered, 186 ( 80% ) of members opened the email , and 121 ( 52% ) clicked the “ Yes “ button. Thank you for responding.

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