Reminder: Meeting March 9, 1:30 in the Phoenix Room

Hello Everyone,

For our upcoming meeting on March 9 at 1:30 PM in the Phoenix Room, we will continue our series of round table discussions. The round table format has been well received and we get to cover more topics this way. We will be offering more formal monthly training options with the help of the Apple Store in Chandler, check the web site for details.

For this month we have three round tables planned.

* Privacy Settings

* Apple Watch

* Photo Organization and Albums

Everyone is welcome to sit in on the round table that interests you, and you are welcome to move around if you want to experience more than one.

I also encourage you to check out the Forums section of our web site. We are trying to use this a resource library for various topics that have come up. If there is a topic of interest to you that is not there yet, please send it in. We have tried to prioritize the topics of most interest.

Lastly, as we approach the summer Mike and I will be away from time to time so we won’t always be here for the Friday One on One sessions. Just remember that you can always send questions in via email, We both monitor this and will respond when we can.

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