Note To All Apple Club Members

Greetings to all, and hope your summer is going well. A couple of announcements follow:

Video Editing Class for iPad and iPhone By Mike Canterbury. The Class September 9 and the Workshop September 16 will cover filming techniques, creating a project, importing photos, trimming photos, and using iMovies built in editing tools. We will also cover adding titles and music to the finished video.

The Workshop will focus on exporting the movie and sharing using iCloud.

Class participants are requested to film 3 or 4 relatively short segments of scenes of their favorite subject - grandchildren, pets, flowers, you name it. Hold your iPhone or iPad in landscape (horizontal) for the best shot.

Sign up now for the class and workshop - visit the “Events” section of our website

Experimac, a Sponsor and Preferred Partner, has changed ownership. The Syed Family assumed operations July 22nd. Check our website for a link to their website and the services they offer. Experimac will continue to offer club members a10% discount.

Beginning September 6, we are resuming our every Friday one on one Q & A sessions from10:00 AM until Noon in Cottonwood’s Mens Card Room. The meetings are by appointment only. Please email your question/issue to and Mike C or Gary T will reserve and confirm to you a time to meet with you.

We are working on our lineup of class topics covering the next nine months. Please let us know your wishes for subject matter by email to .

Last, but not least, If you wish to have your name removed from all future mailings from the club, just send an email to me at and I will take care of it promptly.

Thank you.

Gary B

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