iPhone Basics and Key Features

Greetings to our Apple Club members

We will hold our first class in many months on December 7, Tuesday at 10:00 AM in Cottonwood’s Men’s Card Room ( Old Room A3).We ask that only members that have had two shots of the Covid vaccine attend the class.

Th class will be conducted by Syed Fraz of Experimax. He will focus on some of the basics and key features of the iPhone and also address any iPhone questions or issues submitted in advance of the class.

Attendance is limited so you must register for this class by visiting the website at sunlakesappleclub.com . Then, under “Upcoming Events” , click on the “Details” of the event to find the date, time, and place of the event and then follow the instructions under “Register Now” to sign up for the event.

So that we may be productive and address your needs, submit any issues or questions you want addressed to gfbross@icloud.com by December 1.

Any questions to Gary B 480 433 5659

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