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Our club is in need of a few good people to help us continue our mission to educate members on Apple devices and have fun doing it.

In particular we need:

SOMEONE to maintain our Website’s Schedule of Upcoming Events. Typically this information will be communicated to you by the class instructors.

SOMEONE to develop a fundraising plan to cover our approximate $250 annual expenses - mostly website related. This is necessary for us to remain a “no fee club” to our members.

SOMEONE to guide the development of a simple set of bylaws and volunteer job descriptions. This will help insure the longevity of the club and transition of responsibilities. This person can also help complete our application to the national Apple Users Group organization who help provide guidance and training aids.

SOMEONE to maintain our records of classes held both locally and at the Apple Store at the Chandler Fashion Center. This is required as a historical reference to help plan future class topics.

SOMEONE to maintain our list of subscribers to our website for member communications. Mostly this involves monitoring new subscribers’ information for accuracy.


SOMEONE to stay tuned to the “pulse” of our members’ needs so we may continue to offer classes that meet those needs. Then make suggestions to our Program Director for Upcoming Events. Our objective is have at least 4 months of planned classes on the books at all times to help members plan their schedules accordingly.

AS EDUCATIONAL needs are identified, SOMEONE to help recruit class instructors from both inside the club and the local community.

SOMEONE to manage membership recruitment. Currently this has been through the three community open houses but could be expanded.

The above is a sampling of the type of help we need to insure our future ability to meet our mission within our community. We have other needs and we can fit your talents and skills with them. Mostly these are not time consuming tasks and will fit in your usual schedule. The benefit to you, besides feeling good about your contribution to helping your neighbors, is working with a great bunch of people who enjoy what they are doing and working with each other.

Thank you and please consider helping and respond soon to:

Gary B  480-895-2141

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