Future Apple Club Meetings

Greetings to Apple Club Members

We are anxious to begin in person meetings, especially as we see progress on the virus containment front and we see eventual loosening of presently necessary restrictions. I expect we”ll begin our small group meetings in the fourth quarter of this year. Working closely with our members in a hands on environment has always been our strong suit. We are anxious to re-establish that relationship and will do so soon as health conditions permit.

For your information, the CW/PV HOA has a 2021 capital improvement project on the docket to repurpose the Old Fitness Center. Besides the creation of a Computer Learning Center, plans include an indoor golf training center, room for Rock and Gem, an open activities room, and storage area with outlets and a refrigerator.

In the meantime, the club continues to focus our education through the “FORUM” and “BLOG’’ features of our website - visit us at www.sunlakesappleclub.com to view articles and instructional videos . We will update these features every couple of weeks adding newsworthy articles as they become available.

Also we continue to offer our question and answer problem solving service one on one - just submit your issue or question to email address sunlakesapplesupport@icloud.com . Replies will be forthcoming to you, usually within a few days. Feedback is appreciated so we know if we have answered the question or if we need to try again.

Our mission is to provide a forum that is educational, supportive, and fun - where we can all learn to get the most from our Apple devices, regardless or our knowledge. We are a no fee club and our objective is to remain so.


Gary B

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