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Upcoming Apple Store Classes

Listed below are two scheduled classes which will be held at the Apple Store at the Chandler Fashion Center. Management opens the store one hour early for our club. Each class will run from 9:00 AM until 10:30 AM. We are permitted a maximum of 20 members for each class. We are at 7 for each class now so if you are interested, visit the club’s website to sign up. Under Events, you will find the classes listed. Click on Details, then click on Register Now for the class of your choice and follow the prompts. You will then receive a confirmation that you’ve registered.

Apple released a new operating system for iPhones on September 19th. The instructors assume we will have our iPhones updated to iOS 13 for the class. New operating system features will be discussed.

A new, different operating operating system for iPads will be released September 30. All should be updated now to the current iOS12.4.1

Monday, September 30 -

Product Skills: iPhone and iPad Part 1

Recommended for those new to the iPhone or iPad or those needing a refresher course from learning how to navigate your device and setting up your system preferences to discovering how to use Siri or Face Time with friends. You will get familiar with the fundamental techniques and tools to get up and running effectively.

Monday, October 28 -

Product Skills: iPhone and iPad Part 2

Explore built-in apps on iPhone and iPad. You”ll learn how to stay organized with Calendar and Notes, access thousands of songs and podcasts on Apple Music, and discover how Siri Shortcuts can help you customize your device.

Thank you,

Gary B

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