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Apple Store Classes

Apple Store Classes

Apple was planning to begin holding in-store classes beginning in September but in late August put those plans on hold until , perhaps, October. Please see their announcement at the link below.

However they continue to offer a good variety of classes via their virtual sessions. They offer some good basic classes such as :

Getting Started with iPad

“ “ “ iPhone

“ “ “ Mac

I attended the iPad session the other day and topics covered were:


Significant controls

Navigating iPadOS14 - 15 is now the latest

Discover how to stay productive

Explore using the Apple Pencil

But they also offer sessions on using your iPhone or other Apple device for Photography, Video, Music, and more.

You will be be prompted in the session registration process to download the WebEx app if you haven’t already done so. During the sessions your mic and camera are not live but you are encouraged to ask questions via the chat feature. Class sizes are limited and a rolling two weeks of scheduled classes are listed and available for your registration.

To explore your session options, search on “today at apple” . Then click on “Calendar” to see session schedules, or “Product Skills” to see a description of the classes and register for them, or “At Home” to see short video sessions on creative subjects.

If you encounter problems with the process, call me and I will help. Gary B 480 433 5659

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