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Since we were forced to cut our activities short unexpectedly there were a few topics that we had planned to cover that might be of interest. Apple Pay is a very useful tool and it is part of the Wallet App that is built into IOS. There are a couple of ways that this is a great tool that we should all be aware of.

The first way, if you open Wallet and hit the + icon in the upper right you get two options. One is to apply for the Apple Credit card but that is not the good part (unless you need a new credit card). The good part involves adding a credit card and/or debit card into the app. The process is pretty straight forward, you take a picture of the card and it scans the numbers and starts the process. For some credit cards this all happens automatically, but for others they ask you to call them to verify the process. Once you have entered one or more cards into Wallet, you can start to use it at any store that has the Apple Pay logo on the card scanner. You can also use this for some on line purchases where they support Apple Pay.

You may be asking, why would I want to do this?

The main reason is security. When you pay with Apple Pay using your iPhone, your credit card number is never exposed. Apple creates a single use number for the transaction and that is all the store ever sees. When you use an actual credit card you provide the credit card number that could then be stolen if there was a data breach. Paying with Apple Pay is much safer.

A second reason is this provides an easy way to send/receive money. Another part of the Wallet App is something called Apple Cash. Providing you have added a debit card, you can move money back and forth between your checking account and Apple Cash. Once you have added money to Cash, you can easily send money via an iMessage (text) to anyone else who has set this up on an iPhone or iPad. With all of us being housebound, you may want to help a loved one or friend who needs some money. You can do this very easily from your comfy chair in your home. Likewise, if you are lucky enough to be on the receiving end, you can do all that from that same chair. I have family members on my cell phone plan and this is how they pay me for their share every month. When we can start enjoying the local restaurants again, this makes it easy to cover your portion if someone picks up the bill.

A third reason you might want this. A couple month back I went to Bashas to pick up some groceries. As I was walking in the store I realized I had forgotten my wallet. I debated going back home to get it but then I remembered that Bashas takes Apple Pay and I did have my phone. Everything worked out great.

One last comment. To actually use Apple Pay, you place your iPhone on the credit card scanner. It can take a couple tries before things are lined up correctly, so don’t get discouraged. Once things are lined up, follow the prompt on the phone. Authorization of the charge will happen by the same method you use to open your phone. If you have a newer phone with Facial Recognition you will need to line things up so the camera can see your face. If you have finger print recognition you will need to touch the home button to complete that. It took me a few times to get comfortable with this process but now it is easy.

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