January 14, 2019 Minutes

We had approximately 30 members present for an extremely interesting  and pertinent presentation by Benjamin Brock, Director of Community Programs for Optum Care.  The theme of Ben’s talk was Healthy Lifestyle and the use of apps to facilitate and enhance the process.  Ben used his healthcare education, experience and technical know how to deliver a lively presentation.


Ben’s notes will provide a good starting point for searching apps for tracking and providing information on nutrition, activity, sleep, stress management, and health. Also, the value of Apple Watches and other similar devices was discussed.  A workshop with Ben is being considered for a future meeting date.


General Club News:


Club Question and Answer session on Friday, January 18th at 10:00 AM in Cottonwood’s Mens Card Room.  Members wishing to attend should send an email of their problem to slappleusers@gmail.com.


We will not be holding a workshop meeting on January 21st.


Mike Canterbury is considering presenting a video editing program using Mac

during the May meeting.


Classes at the Apple Store are still under development and more information will be coming soon.