Sun Lakes Apple Users Group

Leadership Meeting Minutes

November 26, 2019


Attending:  G.Bross, B.Little, M.Canterbury, G.Tougas, J.Bobbett, M.Smith, M.Fohlmeister, S.Conner, J.Zoeller, N.Thoma, J.Thoma


  1. G.Bross welcomed and introduced the four new Leadership Team members.

  2. G.Bross gave a brief recap of the Club’s history for the last three years.

      -  Mission is to provide education opportunities for members.

      -  Remain a dues-free organization

      -  Membership growth has grown from 51 members in 2017 to current

         level of  225 members.


3.  General discussion followed comparing the original Sun Lakes Apple 

     Club to SLAUG in terms of mission, meetings, classes and SIGS.  It

     was agreed to develop and try new formats for Club meetings and

     training events.


4.  The January sessions will be the round table discussion format to be

     developed by Gary T.


5.  The four new Leadership Team Members agreed to accept the 

     following assignments.

     -  Marybeth Smith - Work with G.Tougas on developing new training

        topics and methods of delivery.  February’s topic will be Laptop

        Computer Basics.

     -  Mary Beth Fohlmeister - Develop and maintain Club Membership


     -  John Zoelller - Post Club events and meeting notices on Club


     -  Susan Conner - Develop by-laws, job descriptions, and Application to National Apple Users Group.