Some Conclusions for the Path Forward    7/9/2020


1. We”ll remain cautious, conservative, and not resume meetings or classes requiring attendance until a Covid 19 vaccine is in place AND safe attendance is assured. 

2. I have received no response from the Apple Store educators on classes and I assume they will do as we plan to in 1. above.

3. The Q & A one on one sessions will continue as long as Mike and Gary T are able to continue to support it in an on line mode. It might be that virtual meetings of some kind would enhance this process at some point.


4. It seems appropriate for each of us to to write blog posts on subjects we are comfortable with. The coordination of this activity is probably a required and needs discussion.


5. A suggestion to educate our members on how to solve their own problems and answer their own questions - using all the resources that are available at their fingertips on their Apple devices. This could be very fruitful.


6. Evaluate in depth the offering of podcasts, You Tube, Apple Library, and other sources of classes on subjects of interest to our members. Develop a list of the potential classes. Create an education plan with a time frame.