April 8, 2019 Minutes

29 of our members enjoyed a very informative class on Apple TV presented by Gary Tougas. Every facet from a description of the Apple TV device and remote, definitions of terminology, antennas for over the air channels, the streaming process, some available apps, costs, etc. were covered in the class. Open the file attached for a review of Gary’s presentation.


Next Monday, April 15th, at 1:30 PM  Gary T will complete his presentation in this Workshop covering:

 - How to set up Apple TV

 - Apple TV Settings

 - Use Apps- Requests Welcome

 - Hands on Practice

 - Answer any Remaining Questions

We still have some openings for this Workshop so visit our website    sunlakesappleclub.com   and sign up. You may do this even if you missed this first class.

Apple TV Presentation