March 19, 2019

Leadership Meeting Minutes


Present: G.Bross, G. Tougas, J.Bobbett, B.Little, M.Canterbury, N.Thoma, J.Thoma


Club Funding - It was agreed to investigate securing financial sponsors for the Club by offering advertising on the Club Website.  Gary B and Gary T will approach Experimac, Optum, and possibly other businesses.  Bob L will research how to add this advertising to our website.


Mission Statement - Jan B will review and propose improvements to  the current Club Mission Statement.


Website Search Time - We will monitor the ease and speed of finding the Club Website during internet searches.  


Old Club emails - Gary B will review old emails and delete those no longer needed.


Membership List - Gary B will work with Gary T and Mike C to review options for Club membership list maintenance and emailing process. Gary B will discuss our current status with Susan Conner.


Future Classes - Many good ideas were discussed for future classes and workshops.  General agreement was reached on providing very basic classes as a starting point.  Also, new ways to use the workshop meetings and one on one sessions will be studied.  Gary T will continue this planning with input as needed from the Leadership Team.

Gary B will work with the Apple Store regarding the Scheduling of classes for Numbers and Pages.


Club Advertising - Local HOA newsletters will be considered for advertising the Club.  It was agreed to have a table at all three Sun Lakes HOAs Open Houses in the Fall.  John T will make Open House arrangements. Gary B will develop an announcement for NextDoor.


Club Flyer - Mike C shared a great advertising flyer he created.  The flyers will be used at the HOAs.