Subject: Minutes of March 26, 2019 Leadership Meeting

Sun Lakes Apple Users Group


Present: G.Bross, G. Tougas, J.Bobbett, B.Little, M.Canterbury, N.Thoma,



Club Funding - It was agreed to investigate securing financial sponsors for the Club by offering advertising on the Club Website.  Gary B and Gary T will approach Experimac, Optum, and possibly other businesses.  Bob L will research how to add this advertising to our website.

4/26 status Deal done with Experimac and ad is now on website. The Experimac link is located just under our Sun Lakes Apple User Group logo.

    Will hold on contacting other sponsors until the need arises.

Mission Statement - Jan B will review and propose improvements to  the current Club Mission Statement.

4/26 status - done.

Website Search Time - We will monitor the ease and speed of finding the Club Website during internet searches.

  4/26 status - evaluate in 6 months.

Old Club emails - Gary B will review old emails and delete those no longer needed.

4/26 status - done twice 3/20 and 4/23. Will do monthly.

Membership List - Gary B will work with Gary T and Mike C to review options for Club membership list maintenance and emailing process.

Gary B will discuss our current status with Susan Conner.

  4/26 status - Gary B did discuss with Susan who is willing to help when we figure it out.

Ultimate objective is to maintain the contact list on the website. Can do now except that we are only permitted to issue 2 emails per month with our current plan. Bob L, please investigate the cost to increase the number of emails to 5 and 10 per month.

Future Classes - Many good ideas were discussed for future classes and workshops.  General agreement was reached on providing very basic classes as a starting point.  Also, new ways to use the workshop meetings and one on one sessions will be studied.  Gary T will continue this planning with input as needed from the Leadership Team.

Gary B will work with the Apple Store regarding the Scheduling of classes for Numbers and Pages.

4/26  status- Club Classes:

                         Sept. Music - many providers, Gary T

                         Oct.  Apps , including members favorites

        Note - Need to solicit members for topics they want in a stand alone email. Gary B do end of May.


                       Apple Store Classes: Request under review by Apple Store management.

                       Sept. Pages

                       Oct. Numbers

       Note - we will encourage members to use Friday one on one sessions to clarify issues and questions from the class.


Club Advertising - Local HOA newsletters will be considered for advertising the Club.  It was agreed to have a table at all three Sun Lakes HOAs Open Houses in the Fall.  John T will make Open House arrangements. Gary B will develop an announcement for NextDoor.

4/26 status - John T will handle sign up which begins in July. Might be a $15 charge from Oakwood.

                      - hold off on article for NextDoor and CWPV “In the Know” and “Flyer” until Fall when population is up. Include testimony from satisfied members.

                      - For the June 1 Splash, recap club events since Jan., include Q&A successes, include Apple Store classes, include website launch, mention no classes June through August, and Q & A by email only as time permits. 

                      - For July 1 Splash - no article

                      - For August 1 Splash - discuss plans for the September through December period. Might be a rather brief article.

                      - For the Sept.1 Splash- discuss the Sept. class topic of Music. Include resumption of Friday Q & A sessions


Club Flyer - Mike C shared a great advertising flyer he created.  The flyers will be used at the HOAs.

  4/26 status - flyer done and distributed to 3 HOAs and Ace Post Office bulletin board. Need to recheck supply every few weeks.

New Topics 4/26:

Business Cards - Reviewed 3 samples from Mike, selected 2 to be printed front and back on card. Nancy has cost from Vista Print. Gary B to get cost from Office Max.

65 members of 192 on our mailing list have subscribed or registered for classes.The goods news is that approx. 95% of class registrations are via the website.


Need to discipline access to Q & A sessions requiring the requestor to explain the type of help they need? Leave as is for now.


Need to schedule a review with CWPV Facilities and Grounds Committee to insure our club’s needs are considered when deciding how to repurpose the present Fitness Center. This may require the club to develop a set of ByLaws. Gary B to contact F&G Comm. Chair Richard Hawks Wk.4/29 sure.


Add a line to our mission statement : “ We are a no fee club and our objective is to remain so.” Bob L please do. 

 Preferred Partners - add this category alongside Experimac on our website. Gary B to provide Bob L the write up on:


        CWPV HOA

        New Adventures in Learning

        Apple Store at Chandler Fashion center